Facts about H1 Transfer

Every month, we at Assure Consulting receive several queries from readers regarding H1 Transfer. Here are the facts that you need to know about the process:

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H-1B Stamping and Travel Information

Waiting for the green signal

H-1B Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent US Visa-Seekers from Chennai, Mumbai may apply in Delhi, Kolkata

Get going to(Aus)some land

H-1B revalidation is possible in US

INS hikes application fee

Passage to Japan

Currency Calculator

Green road to Germany

INS replies to changes in new H-1B Bill

Destination UK

UK Work Permit Faqs

UK Shortage Occupations

UK Immigration Glossary

Section-by-Section Summary and Analysis of new Visa Bill

A no bull's guide to strrrrrrrrretching the US $

Travel tips to send techies packing to the US

Stamping Requirements

INS Form & Fees

H-1B Visas

What, Where, When And How Of H-4 visas

Master the ropes of US business visa

Everything official about the L-1

For a few days more in the US

He's got a ticket to US and it's the I-94!

LCA-More Info

Green Cards

Social Security Numbers

Banking in USA

Getting wired in the US

Tracking US Driver's License

Brief broadcast on cable connection

American Holidays and Observances

Glossary of Terms

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