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Urgent US Visa-Seekers from Chennai, Mumbai may apply in Delhi, Kolkata

EW DELHI, March 18, 2004 - Beginning Monday, March 22, the U.S. consular sections in New Delhi and Kolkata will accept nonimmigrant visa applications from the Chennai and Mumbai consular districts to assist those with an urgent need to travel to the United States. Applications will only be accepted from applicants who will apply in person, speak English fluently, have not previously been refused a visa for any reason, and can demonstrate an urgent need to travel before an appointment is available at the US Consulate General serving their place of residence.

A combination of heavy demand for non-immigrant visas, new processing requirements and unanticipated staffing shortages have led to a backlog in appointments for visa interviews at some U.S. consular sections in India. While the average wait for an appointment at New Delhi and Kolkata is currently only a few days, there is a two week wait for appointments at the consular section in Mumbai and an almost five week wait at the consular section in Chennai.

All US consular sections in India are working to ensure that appointment wait times are kept to a minimum. Persons anticipating traveling to the United States this summer are encouraged to apply early. Appointments in New Delhi or Kolkata can be made and information on application procedures can be found at These procedures will stay in effect until further notice.


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