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Immigration News

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US to take biometric data of travellers.



Immigration News

2008,April,24 07:22:42

US to take biometric data of travellers.

In an effort to combat terror, US are getting ready to take biometric data of their travellers. This is likely to bring an impact to thousands of travellers, including Indians. The proposal is to establish a biometric exit procedures at all air and sea ports of departure. It is found that Biometric exit confirm that travellers are who they say they are and the purpose of their travel is as they claim it to be. When this proposed exit system is combined with the existing effective entry system, the authorities firmly believe that they have made a big leap in Americaís boarder security measures. The proposed rule has called all commercial air and cruise line owners and operators moving inside US to collect and transit international visitorsí biometric information to DHS within 24 hours of leaving the United States.

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