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Top Tech News

Google upgrades Toolkit.

Intel to delay the launch of Centrino 2.

Future Windows with Touch screen.

Looming IT salaries ,a threat to Indian Employers.

Soaring airfares prompt global video conferencing.


Immigration News

Increased protection under H-2B programme.

New boarder crossing rules.

Plea for more H-1B visas.

L-1 visa gaining popularity among US employers.

US to take biometric data of travellers.



Immigration News

2008,April,30 07:27:04

L-1 visa gaining popularity among US employers.

When the employers has found it is difficult to get H-1B for their hired employees, they started looking for alternative ways to get them.Now itís the L-1 visas on demand.Under this program an employee who is hired at an office abroad can be imported into the United States. Unlike the H-1B that has a short filing period, the L-1 can be applied for throughout the year. Another advantage is that there is no current limit as to how many L-1 visas can be issued. In 2006 the American government granted about 56,000 L-1 visas. The downside to foreign workers hired with an L-1 visa is that their sponsor is not mandated to pay the prevailing U.S. wage for their job. Workers hired with an H-1B visa must be paid the prevailing wage. Some employers attempt to reduce their shortage of workers with the H-1B visa while others are using a combination of the H-1B and L-1 visas. Recently some companies that specialize in outsourcing have been misusing the L-1 visa because it is an easier way to obtain a visa and they can get away with lower wages. Congressmen are looking into visa reform that would prohibit outsourcing companies from obtaining L-1 visa and would make it a requirement that prevailing U.S. wage be paid to L-1 employees.

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