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Top Tech News

Google upgrades Toolkit.

Intel to delay the launch of Centrino 2.

Future Windows with Touch screen.

Looming IT salaries ,a threat to Indian Employers.

Soaring airfares prompt global video conferencing.


Immigration News

Increased protection under H-2B programme.

New boarder crossing rules.

Plea for more H-1B visas.

L-1 visa gaining popularity among US employers.

US to take biometric data of travellers.



Immigration News

2008,May,06 07:17:39

Plea for more H-1B visas.

Though quite expected, the plea for issuing more H-1B visas and employment based green card is increasing day by day from employers. The senators who supports this idea is of the view that the law would help promote competiveness, innovation, and employer access to skilled employees. There are now seven legislations, which seek to increase temporary and immigrant work visas that are up for consideration in the US congress. The Cornyn legislation temporarily increases the level of H-1B visas in a timely manner while including reasonable and targeted enforcement provisions to combat and investigate fraud and abuse of the H-1B programme. In a bid to allay fears and respond to anti immigration lobby, the Cornyn legislation has suggested that H-1B visa holders would be allowed to work only in areas where there is demonstrated shortage of American workers.

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