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US to take biometric data of travellers.



Immigration News

2012,July,07 06:40:45

Consular Exchange Rate Adjusted in India

VFS announced that from June 04, 2012, all United States Consular Sections in India will adjust the consular exchange rate from INR 56 to the dollar to INR 58 to the dollar. This rate of change is effective for all rupee-denominated costs of applying for visas and passports, including the nonimmigrant visa application fee paid at HDFC bank branches prior to the scheduling of visa appointments.

The new application fee for nonimmigrant visas is INR 9280 and INR 11020. VFS has also announced that receipts issued by HDFC Bank prior to June 02, 2012 and are still not more than a year old, will be honored.

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