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Immigration News

2012,July,07 06:57:49

U.S. Visa Interview Waiver Program

U.S. Embassy in New Delhi announced the expansion of the Interview Waiver Pilot Program, under which certain qualified applicants who were interviewed and thoroughly screened in conjunction with a prior visa application may be eligible to renew their visas without undergoing another interview. Under the expanded program, applicants who are applying for a B1/B2 and whose prior B1/B2 visa expired within the last 48 months or is still valid; and applicants who are applying for a C1/D, J2, L2, or H4 visa and whose prior visa in the same category expired within the last 12 months or is still valid, are eligible to apply for a new visa without an interview. However, in order to be eligible:

1. the applicant must have a previous U.S. visa in the same class as the 2. visa class for which he or she wishes to renew; 3. the applicant’s previous visa must have been issued in India; 4. the applicant must be applying in the consular district where he or she wants his or her passport delivered; 5. the applicant must have no refusals for a visa in any category after his or her most recent visa issuance.

The Embassy has also clarified that the program does not entitle any applicant to a waiver of personal appearance, and consular officers retain the authority to interview any applicant who they determine requires a personal appearance.

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