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The advantages of online job hunting

One might have concerns about online recruitment since there is no human contact like a face or voice. So does the online job hunting process make sense? And how can you make it more effective? Here is a review of the process:

  1. One to many: By uploading your profile online, you are making sure that many recruiters and companies can view your resume. This saves you the hassle of individually sending across your resume to different companies. However, in case, you want to customize your resume for certain companies, individually posting your profile is recommended.

  2. Inexpensive: Online recruitment saves a lot of money since most of them offer free basic services. Unless you go in for specialized services, most of them don't charge you anything for sending your resume or putting up your profile on their site.

  3. Saving time: We all know that time is precious; especially if you're in the middle of a job hunting process, and by using the services of such a site you can concentrate your energies on other details. For example, services like the online resume zapper can help you send your profile to most top placement and consultants. You no longer need to make long painstaking lists to send your profile. With a click of a button, your goal is achieved.

  4. It's faster: If you fit the bill, then you will in all probability be immediately contacted. The whole process usually takes between 2 days to 3-4 weeks. However, posting your online resume does not guarantee you will get the job or the interview call. So be prepared for that too.

  5. More efficient: Since no human intervention is required, the information is well categorised. The job seeker's qualifications, experiences and background is compiled and then matched against suitable jobs. In fact, when it comes to fields like IT and software, your qualifications will be quite well matched.

A few things to remember is to also expand your job hunting offline to maximize your chances. The human touch can be essential to keep you in the loop. Also, don't be discouraged if you don't immediately get interview calls. Job hunting can be a long process which will test your patience.

But whether it is an entry-level, mid-level or senior position you are looking out for, use all the resources available to you today. By making use of the technology available you will only improve your chances of landing a job.

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