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Undoutably, globalisation has resulted in an explosion in work opportunities, but it has also made employees increasingly vulnerable to turbulence in world markets, not necessarily of their own making. The IT industry in India is a case in point acutely affected by the crests and troughs in the US economy. Employees wooed with lavish salaries a year back are facing the unkindest cut of all downward salary revisions, and layoffs. Most employees lack the emotional and pyschological resources to strategically plan careers in the altered environment. As an online career solutions provider, launches Ask the Headhunters to empower its readers with resources to propel their careers forward in these Hard Times. Write in ....

I have two plus years of experience in software development. Now I have lost my current job and I am working as an academic in a reputed college? What should tell my prospective recruiter about by previous and current jobs?


Layoffs are a reality today and India's IT industry has matured adequately to realise this. Companies will not ignore your profile because you have been laid off, provided you possess the relevant experience and skill sets. The work you have done as a software developer will determine the outcome of the next interview.

An interview after a layoff can be rather tricky and you need to rehearse for the interview. Draw a list of possible tricky questions and think of in depth answer for them. The answer should reflect your experience and maturity in handling the crisis you are going through.

Even if you are emotionally shaken, during the course of the interview appear confident. Stress on your skills and abilities. Refrain from personally indicting members of the former company as it can have a negative impact on your chances.

I am a Product Manager in a telecom company and I am looking for opportunities in India. Do companies undertake to pay cost of relocating to India? Which companies do this?


Most companies do offer to compensate the candidate to relocate to India. The amount, however, depends on company policy and the experience profile of the new hire.

During the course of the interview you can negotiate with your employer to bear part of the expense. However, due to the downturn and availability of candidates in the market if the company is unwilling to undertake the extra expense, we would advise you not to push too hard.

I am a fresher without a job. Can Assure help?


Most companies today are hiring people with three plus years of experience. We would advise you to download a list of software companies working in your area of interest. There are a host of sites such as, which have a detailed list of software companies in India. Send your resume to as many companies as you can. An offer will certainly click.

The direct method will be suitable for another reason. On account of the glut in the job market, most companies can fill entry-level positions on their own. These positions may not necessarily be sent to recruiting companies or career dotcoms.

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