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Jazz up an ho-hum resume

nnovative keywords can rev your resume and create hype about your candidature. Most candidates however kill their resumes with an overdose of worn-out staple, cliched and trite phrases. For example, every candidate prefaces the resume with the word hard hardworking, without work hard to make it a believable attribute. Examples of industriousness and an energetic work ethic are sketchy or largely missing and are rarely accompanied by words such as motivated, results oriented, driven, goal oriented, achievement oriented, constant follow-through, dedicated, energetic, hard charging etc. Similarly, all candidates seek a challenging position rather than demanding position, rigorous opportunity, or ambitious responsibilities making it the most ho-hum and devalued phrase among hiring managers helps you refresh your resume vocabulary with words that better describe your work ethic, such as committed to achieving financial goals, budget-driven, focus all and pursue budget efficiency. Here’ a list from which you can chose your pick.
Achievement oriented
Ability to Delegate
Aggressive work
Analytical Ability
Competitive, Competencies
Demanding responsibility
High Energy
Follow Through Leadership
Mutli-task oriented
Organisational skills
Presentation Skills
Team building
Accustomed to heavy work
Ability to Implement
Communication Skills
Deadline driven
Goal oriented
Open Communication
Problem Solving
Results Oriented
Self Accountable
Takes Initiative
Ability to Plan
Ability to Train
Conceptual Ability
Extensive Experience
Open Minded
Setting priorities
Risk taking
Self Managing
Team task minded

An indiscriminate use of keywords, however, snazzy, can boomerang if the hiring manager uses software to detect whether your resume has the right keywords. Make certain that you undertake this exercise before zeroing down on the best keywords

  • What is the position?

  • What are the main tasks of the job?

  • What are the key terms (required skills) used in the job description? (at least 3)

  • What degree is required?

  • What terms do you see besides the primary ones?

Do not compromise on these keywords. They are critical for selection but to create an aura use appropriate nouns economically.

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