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A-Z Listing of SIP Technology Companies

t's been a tough year for telecom vendors and carriers as capital expenditures have been slashed and network builds have been scaled back. However IDC's Worldwide IP Telephony Equipment Forecast 2002-2007 suggests the long-term prospects for voice-over-packet technology remain excellent despite the telecom downturn. In 2003, the voice over telephony market is expected to grow by 39 per cent and will touch $ 3,336 million. The overall market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 45 per cent to reach a revenue base of $15.1 billion by the year 2007. "

As voice-over-IP gains momentum in large organisations, they should also familiarise themselves with SIP. As deployment of VOIP services and networks increase, SIP would reside at the core of the deployment. Designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the Internet Engineering Task Force's standard for multimedia conferencing over IP. SIP can be used to establish, maintain, and terminate calls between two or more end points. With its foundation in Internet protocols, SIP provides the ability to integrate traditional voice services with Web-based data services, including self-based provisioning, instant messaging, presence, and mobility services. Like other VOIP protocols, SIP is designed to address the functions of signaling and session management within a packet telephony network. Signaling allows call information to be carried across network boundaries. Session management provides the ability to control the attributes of an end-to-end call.

According to a
White Paper produced by Cisco SIP provides the capabilities to:

  • Determine the location of the target end point-SIP supports address resolution, name mapping, and call redirection.

  • Determine the media capabilities of the target end point-Via Session Description Protocol (SDP), SIP determines the "lowest level" of common services between the end points. Conferences are established using only the media capabilities that can be supported by all end points.

  • Determine the availability of the target end point - If a call cannot be completed because the target end point is unavailable, SIP determines whether the called party is already on the phone or did not answer in the allotted number of rings. It then returns a message indicating why the target end point was unavailable.

  • Establish a session between the originating and target end point-If the call can be completed, SIP establishes a session between the end points. SIP also supports mid-call changes, such as the addition of another end point to the conference or the changing of a media characteristic or codec.

Handle the transfer and termination of calls-SIP supports the transfer of calls from one end point to another. During a call transfer, SIP simply establishes a session between the transferee and a new end point (specified by the transferring party) and terminates the session between the transferee and the transferring party. At the end of a call, SIP terminates the sessions between all parties.

Service providers are deploying converged voice-and-data services based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to meet the demands of a changing business environment, to attract new customers, and to add to their portfolio of revenue-generating services. It promises to have the same impact as HTTP on how we communicate in real time on mobile or standard phones, using computers, personal Digital Assistants or over any type of IP-based device. In the Telecom and networking area SIP would be a hot area.
In the first of its company series. brings a list of companies working on SIP.

1-10 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

3com-3Com® SIP Solutions, SIP signaling server
8x8 Inc
- Advanced Telephony System
Abatis Enterprise Service Point family
Access Conferences
ACE*COMM - N*Usage® and N*Vision® are the data collection and data warehousing platforms of ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation™ solution.
Acme Packet - Net-Net Family of session border controllers
Active Buddy - Software development kit (SDK) and server
Aculab - IP Telephony CompactPCI Card
AddPac Technology - Multiport(T1/E1,E&M,etc.)SIP/H323 Dual Stack Gateways
Adtech - Gateways compliant with SIP and H.323
Agilent - QA Robot SIP Conformance Test Suite, SIP Network Analyzers
Alcatel  The Alcatel 1000 Softswitch is the "next generation intelligence" in a distributed switch/router network.
- alexissm ESP is an enhanced voice and messaging application
Allied Telesis - AT-RG200 product family of VoIP residential gateways
Altium Technologies - cosip v1.0 SIP Stack
Anatel Communications - NEBS Level 3 Certified 1U Voice over IP Gateway
Anyuser.Net - SIP call agents, a SIP gateway and a SIP interface with H.323
AOL - AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ
AppDancer Networks Inc. - Testing SIP and H.323.
Aravox Technologies - Firewalling that protects VoIP infrastructure from hackers and denial of service attacks by keeping media ports closed until instructed by a SIP Proxy or H.323 gatekeeper to open them.
Argent Networks Limited - The ArgentEclipse Softswitch is a complete Wireless and Wireline softswitch.
Arrayvox Communications - Billing systems, SIP phone, media server
Artiza Networks Inc.  VoIP Simulator setting signal message, editing and running of sequence scenarios. VoIP Analyzer collects IP packets to analyze and display VoIP protocol, filtering, QoS.
phpect Communications IP Contact Suite-an IP-based contact center solution
AT&T - VoIP retail services
aTelo - aTelo Media Server (aMS), an innovative packet-based, software-only media processor.
Audio Codes - Media Gateways and voIP communication boards
Avaz Networks AVAZ SIP Phone SIP User Agent
Award Solutions  Training solutions for telecommunications and Internet equipment manufacturers and service providers

B2 Bredband AB is a market leader in the area of broadband communication in Sweden
Bell Canada - Canada's national leader for communications in the Internet world
BCM SIP Phones and SIP Gateways
Bitwise Communications - SIP Compliant VoIP Gateways
Blue Sky Labs - XIPlite SIP compliant VoIP gateway
Brix Networks - Advanced VoIP Performance Test Suite
Broadsoft - Broadworks Service Creation Environment
BTexaCT - The advanced communications technology division of BT

Cisco Systems  Cisco's SIP Proxy Server, Cisco SIP phones and Integrated Access devices deliver feature rich, scalable voice and data services to small businesses, small multiple dwelling units and similar applications.
Callware Technologies - Callegra .UM
Carnegie Mellon University - Community server with presence
Catapult Communications - A multi-user, multi-protocol, programmable test system.
Catch 9 Communications - C9AppServ
Circle24 Technologies Software applications and services for SIP based phone platforms.
CIRPACK - Cirpack G16S SIP Gateway
Clarent - NetPerformer Enterprise Gateway
CMP Media
Columbia University Computer Science - Sipconf conferencing software. Complete sipd with interaction with other Unix utilities
COMGATES - CSSW4000 Softswitch
Commetrex - PowerRelay licensed media-processing technology used by telecom equipment OEMs to develop PSTN-IP gateways
Communique Conferencing - Premium phone and Web conferencing services.
CommWorks - Softswitch, gateways and applications servers for NGN services
Compaq - Today SIP is clearly positioned as the main signaling protocol for next generation networks. With a wealth of worldwide experience of SS7 signaling business behind it, Compaq Telecom is proposing its own SIP stack implementation, basis of the new generation of High Avaliability Signaling platforms.
Congruency - CNS3200 Advanced Hosted Communications platform and i.Picasso 6000 IP telephone
Contela - Call Control Manager
Continuous Computing Corp - CCPU's award-winning boards, systems and high-availability middleware products will be enhanced with the complete suite of Trillium protocols such as H.323, MGCP, SIP, GPRS, IMT-2000, SS7 and SIGTRAN.
Convedia  SIP/VoiceXML and MGCP compliant family of IP Media Servers
Convergent Networks Carrier-class switching equipment and software
Cosystech - SIP Frameworks, SIP Phone, SIP/H.323 Converter
CosmoCom - SIP-enabled contact center solution
Critical Path - IM (instant messaging) application for wireless carriers and service providers.
CS Fordyce Associates - Intertex and Ingate UK product sales
CyberTel - Carrier Grade Communications servers for email/fax/voicemail/paging.

Data Connection - core protocol stack implementation.
Dataflex - Enhanced services and billing for use with Cisco and Nuera
deltathree - SIP-Based PC-to-Phone Software
Delta Protocol Test Solutions - Protocol Analyzers and Call Generators
Denwa - SIP service that allows Internet Service Providers to provide their customers high-reliability, high-quality voice over IP service
Dexcel Electronics Designs ProStax™ -SIP Stack
DialGlobe provides affordable long distance calls to over 244 countries around the globe and Voice over IP clearinghouse services to ITSPs.
Dialogic - High-density line card allows SIP and other protocols to interface with a DSP, Ethernet and PSTN
Digiquant - IMS - software platform for creating, deploying, billing advanced IP services
dynamicsoft - Firewall, Redirect and Proxy servers

e-horizon - Streaming Media solutions for Packet Switched data and telecommunication networks.
Earthlink Headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink provides a full range of innovative access, hosting and e-commerce solutions
ECI Telecom - SIP based Media gateways and IP telephony solutions
Ecrio Inc - Instant Messaging and Presence Services (IMPS) handset software and communication servers
eDial - SIP-based hardware appliance for call control and management from any device.
Empirix - Hammer SIP Test System
EmpowerTel Networks - USX1000 carrier-grade VoIP switching system, includes a softswitch that speaks SIP-T and interworks with ISUP, ISDN & MGCP
Ericsson  Ericsson advances next generation services by delivering unparalleled features and functionality.
eStara - SIP Proxy service
eyeP Media S.A. - SoftPhone

F5 Networks - BIG-IP Application Switch
Finisar Systems - Seven-layer network monitoring and analysis console.
Flashline Vive VoIP Gateways and IP Telephony (with billing) applications

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories IP-based platform for mid-market contact centers.
Global IP Sound Speech and audio processing software for real time, interactive communications over packet networks.

Hellosoft - HelloSIP comes with an easy to use API which can be used to develop various SIP based applications.
Hewlett-Packard Labs - Hybrid Redir/Proxy/Reg SIP Servers
Hotsip - SIP based Presence Solutions
Hughes Software Systems - Full SIP Stack/SIP Lite

i3 micro technology - Vood CPEs and Vood Residential Gateways
IBC Global Conferences
IBM - Lotus Sametime
Icecom - Java-based based SIP Software Development Kit.
IIR Conferences
Ind TeleSoft - Mobile SIP Suite - SIP infrastructure components for building multimedia applications
Indigo Software - CPL Server, CPL Editor, PIM Client, SIP User Agent, SIP Location Server, SIP Registrar Server, SIP Proxy Server, SIP Foundation Class™
Presence Server & Developer API
Inet Technologies - Spectra2 – Testing & Generation of Media and Signaling for SIP elements.
inGate - SIP-capable enterprise firewalls
InnoMedia - MTA 3308 IP Phone
inPACT technologies - A complete range of software media and feature servers. VoiceXML, SIP or H.323, SNMP, CDRs.
Insight Research Corporation - Hosted interactive applications that integrate phone, fax, email, web, and wireless technologies.
Integrated Voice Resources - Master integrators of customized Interactive Intelligence SIP based contact centers
Interactive Intelligence Inc. - SIP-based interaction management product with built-in media control.
Intertex Data AB -  - NAT-router and packet filtering firewall with stateful inspection supporting the SIP protocol. Optional built-in ADSL modem.
IP Blue Technology Solutions - CODEblue Development: Innovation at the Core
IPAXS - Gateway Switch
ipDialog Inc - Siptone is a feature-rich yet low cost standards based IP phone for enterprise applications.
Iperia - ActivEdge 2.3 Enhanced Communications System software. IPeria Service Node
ipGen - The SIP stack (UA) can be used in a user agent to easily develop an application for the end users like SIP Telephone or a computer system.
IP Unity - Application Server and Media Server
IPVerse - ipVerse ControlSwitch
IVR Technologies - Talking SIP™ is an advanced software solution for voice applications and real-time billing over SIP networks.

Jasomi Networks - SIP to SIP VoIP gateway and SIP Protocol Repair Engine for VoIP

Kagoor Networks - VoIP traffic management platform
Kapsch CarrierCom - SIP Client software and ENUM Services
Key3Media - VoIP and SIP events
Komodo Technology (Cisco Systems)  SIP Low-density Gateways
KyTEL International Group, Inc. is a global facilities telecommunications provider based in New York City

Laurel Networks - ST200™ service edge router
Level 3 Communications - Level 3 offers advanced wholesale voice services, terminating voice traffic via its dedicated IP backbone to gateway locations worldwide.
LEA*D IP Systems - An IP-based convergence systems platform based on a next-generation distributed architecture.
LongBoard - LMAP feature and applications server
Lucent Technologies - EXS® Converged Services Platform, Softswitch, Lucent Speech Server
Lucid Voice - Voice and data gateway
Lycos Instant Messenger

Mahindra-British Telecom Ltd - Entry level SIP Softphone supports SIP and H323
Mailvision - SIP platform for unified messaging
Mannaz Consulting - Areas of specific expertise include voice over IP, softswitch, and bypassing the PSTN.
Marconi - ViPr - network appliance that enables military and government personnel to create secure, high resolution, real-time, multimedia communications between geographically dispersed locations
Marcus Evans
Mastek Limited - Media Gateways and voIP communication boards
MasterMind Technologies Intelligent media servers
MCK Communications - PBX gateway
Mediatrix - APA T1/E1 IP Telephony Telecommunications Device, Mediatrix SIP stack, APA Softphone, The IP Communication Server, Mediatrix® 1124, a 24-port Integrated Access Device
Meetinghouse Data Communications - SIP proxy server, carrier class softswitch.
Metaswitch (A division of Data Connection) - MetaSwitch™ VP3000
Microappliances - SIP enabled Midcom box, SIP Firewall, Multiprotocol data/voice convergence
Microsoft - Windows Messenger 4.5, Windows XP
Microtronix Systems Ltd. - IP Phone Test System
Miercom - Private Testing Service
MIP Telecom - SIP Low-density Gateways, Development tool kit for UA applications
Mistral Software SIP Proxy Server
Mitel  Mitel has a complete portfolio of SIP phones, devices and peripherals that enable users to access and benefit from new and emerging SIP services and applications.

Mockingbird Networks - Impresaria MPS/SIP MultiProtocol Server for SIP Networks
Motorola - Integrated Gateway Platform
Multitech - Two-to-60 channel MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateways.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Public Domain SIP Message Parser, Stack, Test Tool and Proxy.
Net2Phone - VoIP service provider
NET.COM The SHOUTIP product line with an open architecture and distributed processing that enable service providers to build scalable, cost effective network infrastructures.
NetCentrex - CCS Softswitch Version 3.0. Multimedia Call Control Server. Network-Based Contact Center Solution.
Netergy Microelectronics - Veracity VoIP Software Stacks
NetNumber  Secure, reliable, ENUM-compliant directory services for the Internet-Telephony industry.
Net Personix Corp - Interactor softswitch and gateway components
Netrake IP session controller hardware and software
NetReality - WanTel 2.0
NeTrue Communications - IP Telephony network control center functions such as call settlement and traffic management.
Netspeak Corporation - SIP WebPhone
Nettest - SIP conformance testing for VoIP networks
Network Sorcery - Network oriented software and publications.
Nexge Technologies - SIP phones
NexTone - iEdge CPEs, NexTone Multiprotocol Signaling Switch (MSW)
NextVerse - ControlSwitch platform
Nicholson International - Employment service
nikotel - Service provider located in San Diego, California.
NMS Communications  NMS HearSay is a completely open, ready-to-deploy system that enables operators to rapidly and cost-effectively offer their subscribers custom multimodal voice and data communications services such as short message service, location-based services, unified communications and more.
Nokia Research - Nokia All-IP Mobility Core
Nortel Networks  Nortel Networks has fully embraced the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for delivering next-generation multimedia communication services.
NovaTel - The first VoIP carrier to have an H323, SIP and SS7 integrated network.
Novell - GroupWise IM client will support the proposed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence (SIMPLE) instant messaging standards.
NTT COMMWARE Scalable IP Contact Center solutions
Nuance - Speech recognition, voice authentication, and text-to-speech software
Nuasis - NuContact Next generation customer contact solution
Nuera - Softswitch controls gateways, includes SIP as part of SSC conformance

Object Software - Redirect server with portable grammar
Octave Communications - Audio conferencing equipment and instant group conversation technology
Oki - BV7000 and BV7050 Multi-Channel Internet Voice Gateways
OKSiJEN - SIP Proxy : Address translation and routing functionality to the network.
Oresis Communications - Gateways and softswitches
Ortena Networks - SIPNess™ - mPresence™, iPulse™

Packet Data Systems - Simulation of H.323 with a user defined protocol stack plus detailed analysis of H.323 and SIP
Packetstorm Communications - IP Network Emulators
Pactolus - Enhanced IP-AIN/IN services
Personeta - carrier-grade platform for creating, delivering, and managing next generation Telecom services
Phoenix-Soft - Softswitch
Pingtel - Hard and soft SIP phones
Polycom- Desktop and conferencing IP phones
PortaOne - PortaBilling100 is a real-time billing and customer care solutions voice, data and content.
Predictive Financial Technologies SIP-based Presence server solution
PRIMUS Telecommunications, Inc., one of the top emerging international carriers, is a facilities-based communications company.
Prologix Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - SIP implementation of a Conferencing Solution
along with a Media and Application Server
ProSIP - Complete SIP PBX solutions & multimedia call center
Purple Packet - SIP and VoIP International consultancy services

QuesCom - Access Call Server
QUINTUM Technologies - Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches:Complete risk-free, patented VoIP solutions

RADCOM - a Carrier-grade Tool for Stress Testing SIP-based Systems
RAVDVISION  Based on RADVISION's award winning, SIP Toolkit, the ProLab™ SIP Test Manager is a cost-effective, versatile VoIP testing solution that is always updated to the latest SIP standard.
Raviant Networks - Preform™ Data Engine
Reuters Messaging - A real-time communications tool designed to meet the needs of professionals in the financial industry.
Ridgeway Systems and Software - Firewall Tunnelling Proxy
Ringchain - Reseller of networking equipment including Ingate Firewalls And SIParators™ in Taiwan

SandCherry - SIP control interface and a management agent
Seenode - SIP CCall System for 3GPP and 3GPP2 to Enterprise and Carrier(P,I,S-CSCS,MGCF,MGW SGW), MSN to PSTN Gateway.
sentit0  - Providing revolutionary SIP-based switching and signaling platforms for the new public network.
Serome Technology - The Serome™ SIPB-150™
Servonic - Unified communication with unified messaging, Computer Telephony Integration and Voice over IP.

Siemens  Siemens Information and Communication Networks (ICN) is the world's number one supplier of voice and data networks for enterprises, carriers and service providers. Its comprehensive portfolio comprises IP-based convergence solutions, a full range of products for broadband access, and optical transport networks.
SIP Communications - Windows-based communications clients and Internet appliances.
Smart Yantra - SIP Software stack
SNOM Technology - Snom100 IP Phone, SIP registrar proxy and media server
Snowshore Networks - Riptide 1.3
SoftJoys Labs - SJphone
Sonus Networks - INtelligentIP INIP switch
Spirent - converged test solution
Sprint - Enterprise-class and secure Instant Messaging platform.
SS8 - SignalingSwitch, ServiceController

Sun Microsystems  According to IDC, Sun is No.1 in UNIX® servers worldwide. and Sun Enterprise™, Sun Fire™, and Sun Netra™ systems are increasingly the go-to platform for companies wanting to take it to the Nth and leverage the unlimited power and possibilities of the Net Effect.
Sunrise Telecom
- Advanced System for Testing Next Generation Converged VoIP and PSTN Networks
Sunshine Mind Inc - JAIN SIP/SIPLite stack, online meetings, e-learning virtual classroom solutions.
Super Technologies Inc - SuperPhone is a SIP & H323 compliant IP phone.
Sylantro - Softswitch with SIP application
Syndeo - Broadband Services System
SX Design - VoIP Solution for IP2022 Microcontroller

T!Semantics - Multi-protocol free stack
TalkingNets - A telephony php
Tangerine Inc - Tangerine Connect softswitch
Taqua - OCX™ Taqua Open Compact Exchange
Tekelec - media gateway controller, SIP Server
Telcopoint Inc. - VOICECHAT
Telcordia - Class 5 softswitch
Telecom Italia Lab - StarSIP is a prototype solution for the offer of new services based on VoIP technology.
TeleData Technology - Linux Messaging Solution
Telelogic - TTCN-3 based test development tool
Telephony@Work - CallCenter@nywhere Platform
Telesoft - Interoperability Testing and Validation
Telia - SIP enables services - hosted Real-Time Billing Environment
Telica - Plexus 9000
Tellme - VoIP-accessible VoiceXML development environment
TELUS - National VoIP network
nLoci (Formerly Terminal Technologies) - Atrium J2EE SIP Server
Texas Instruments - Enterprise IP phone
Think Business Networks - Embedded systems and protocol development
Transnexus - Software for Open Settlement Protocol integration
Trillium - Trillium SIP Stack
Trinity Convergence - VeriCall™ Integrated Packet Telephony Framework

Ubiquity  Ubiquity Software's end-to-end SIP solutions are carrier-class software products that enable service providers to inject value into IP networks. The Application Services Platform allows service providers to create and deliver revenue-generating IP communications services.
Unisphere Networks - Service Mediation Architecture (SMA)
Ulticom - SIP Protocol stack
USTsarcom - mSWITCH IP based softswitch platform

Vail Systems - SIP-based IP telephony platform
VCON - IP video PBX Media Xchange Manager
VegaStream - Carrier-class gateway
VeraScape - Service Creation
Verilink SIP enabled IP VPN solutions
VL Inc. - PocketGphone 2.0 featuring SIP compliance
VocalData - VOISS feature-rich service delivery softswitch
Vocaltec - VocalTec Softswitch Architecture Series 3000™
VoEx - Provider of high quality Internet telephony services  SIP Explained - Two day training course. Addresses the architecture, components and functions of the SIP suite and the role SIP plays within the wider context of signaling, content and communications protocols.
VoiceGenie Technologies Inc - VoiceXML Gateway
Vonage Digital Voice - Through SIP and VoIP gateway’s, we have essentially brought together the two biggest networks in the world, the PSTN and the Internet.
Voyant Voice conferencing and collaboration solutions
VPacket - 6100 Series Voice/Data Routers

Wave Three Software - SIP based soft client for audio and videoconferencing over the Internet.
Webley Systems - Media Switching Platform (MSP)
Wind River  Wind River's high performance SIP Protocol stack is provided as C source code, supporting User Agent and Proxy/Redirect server applications
Winphoria - SIP-based push-to-talk application
Wipro - SIP Stack
Wiral - Instant Messaging gateway can bring access to Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, SIP/SIMPLE and OMA IMPS based instant messaging services
Witnet - SIP protocol stack. One of the early applications includes wireless (Voice) communications via IP.
WORLDCOM - One of SIP's major advocates is Henry Sinnreich of WorldCom, so it's no surprise that WorldCom is a great proponent of SIP services.
Wylus Inc - IPW-2000 Entry level IP telephone solution

Zultys - Media Exchange Server
Zygox Inc - A Complete suite of SIP Servers - Proxy, Redirect & Registrar. User Agent.


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