While other processor IP core companies concentrate on processor cores that do the main application processing, Tensilica specializes in cores that excel in the SOC dataplane, where the hardest data-intensive work must be done. That's why they call their cores Dataplane Processing Units or DPUs. Tensilica is the number one supplier of audio DSP IP cores and 4G baseband DSP IP cores for the mobile, handset and home entertainment markets. In fact, no matter what the function is, if your SOC design demands a highly efficient, programmable computational engine for a data-intensive task, Tensilica's innovative technology can provide a solution for you.

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The show prompts people to wake up on lazy Sunday mornings and sit in front of the idiot box at 11. The discussions between the people and especially the internet are flooded with opinions both positive and negative. Everyone glued to the telly even the ones critical about the whole program are waiting eagerly to see if the show will bring any changes; even if only to the mindset of the people. Read further to get a complete picture of the show including some harsh criticisms.
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Workplace Depression
Depression. The word is not very uncommon these days- you will hear it in your office, kids hear it in school, and it is there on Facebook, Twitter, in clubs, bars, in matrimonial ads- pretty much everywhere. Maybe except the stadium- for places of high performance or achievement has no place for it. In fact, most often you would notice that even in offices, the word is quite a hush-hush affair- for if your bosses even had a drift of it; you wouldn't know when the pink slip would be handed over to you. Here's a story that some of you might relate to....

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K-micro is one among the successful organizations with innovative ASIC technologies and world-class design support for the consumer electronics, computer, office-automation, networking and storage markets.
Red bus is among the leading websites that offers services of bus tickets in major cities of India. With facilities like Cash on Delivery as well as net banking and credit cards/debit cards, RedBus.in is one of the best booking online organizations in the country.
I am Indian. My first entry to US will be on 25 Jan on H1B to join company X. After 3 months if I get a new job in company X and Y applies for H1B transfer and gets the receipt from INS - at this stage while actual transfer is pending, can company X write to INS for canceling my H1B? After completion of H1B transfer, who can cancel H1B - "X" or "Y" or both?   Answer
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In this article, a basket of items - rent, utilities, groceries and travel - has been used to define the monthly cost of living. Rather than actual figures, which depend on tangible variables, such as area, government imposed taxes etc, the article video cost ranges of various items to provide a fair idea of living costs in the US.  ..read more
Driving in the US is quite different from operating a car in India
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