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Types of Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence is an important and often misunderstood issue. Broadly defined, workplace violence refers to any threatening behavior that happens in a workplace.
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How to Motivate Employees

Ask any employer and they will tell you that employee motivation is the key to individual performance, group productivity and maintaining a pleasant workplace culture.
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Motivation Theories

The job of a manager is to get things done by the employees. To do this a manager should be able to motivate his/her employees.
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Employee Motivation

The success of every organization can be traced back to motivated employees. Motivating employees is no rocket science.
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Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's theory of needs states that people have a pyramidal hierarchy of needs. According to this theory, people will satisfy these needs from bottom to top.
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Stress Management

It may seem like there is nothing you can do about stress; the bills will not stop coming, your family responsibilities won't disappear in thin air, prices will only shoot up.. and so on.
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Workplace Depression

-Like any other illness in the body, an illness of the mind can be treated.Depression. The word is not very uncommon these days- you will hear it in your office, kids hear it in school, and it is there on Facebook, Twitter, in clubs, bars, in matrimonial ads- pretty much everywhere
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Communication With People

Man is a social animal, he cannot survive without expression and communication. He communicates with himself as well as others, many are even good at communicating with animals. However, in this article we are going to concentrate on people communicating with other people.
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How to be witty

If we lived alone without even one person to talk to; life would be really bland as the word called wit would have never emerged. Wit is therefore a tool for conversation, some are good at it and some, well, are not so good at it.
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How To Quit Your Job

The reason to quit a job can be general or specific. Whichever be the case there are some common and important details that any person who plans on quitting must know.
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Communication At Work

People all across the world have realized the value of better communication. Studies in communication and their implications have changed the views and lives of many.
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